Monday, April 18, 2016

Hiroshima City (Rice ball)

  Today I’d like to show some useful travel information about Hiroshima for you.
  I hope this information would be helpful for your trip !!!
  And I thank you for your visit my HP.

A.   Food(rice ball)
1  Information
Actually I have a lot of things I want to tell you about Hiroshima City and Hiroshima gourmets.
Today I’d like to show you a great delicious rice ball. I think you have a question, “ How is rice ball ? “ Rice ball is one of the most famous food in Japan. There are no Japanese people who don’t know rice ball. We call it “ Omusubi “ ,”Musubi” or “Onigiri ”. They are the Japanese words. Today I show you the greatest Omusubi I have ever eaten.

The name of the Omusubi restaurant is ‘” Musashi “  !!!!!
I love this restaurant. Every time I go back to my house from the other place, I eat this Omusubi.

The name of Musashi as a famous samurai is very popular among the Japanese people, but the name as Omusubi restaurant is not so popular among Japanese people other than Hiroshima citizens. Actually a lot of my acquaintances in the other prefectures don’t know the name of restaurant.
The greatest Omusubi restaurant is in Hiroshima City !!  If you visit Hiroshima City, you can eat the Omusubi !!

The greatest omusubi is this picture. The name of menu is “ Goko-iri-Musubi”.
It means a box lunch of 5 pieces of rice balls. The price is around 5 .(It depends on the rate.)     “Goko” means 5 pieces. “iri” means being inside.

                                 ※ The package of the "Musashi's Omusubi"
2  How to order in japanese
That’s why if you want to order one “Goko-iri-Musubi” in Japanese, you say

 “Goko-iri-Musubi  hitotsu  kudasai”.

“hitotsu” means one piece. “kudasai” means “I’d like to buy” or “give me (politely)”.
I think almost all of the staffs can understand this way of ordering.

                          ※ The contents of the package
  3  Other information
       There are many Musashi restaurants in Hiroshima City.
       That’s why you can have many opportunities to buy it.
       And you can select whether you eat them in the restaurant or to go. 
       If you choose to eat them in the restaurant, you can order the other menu. 
       Actually you can order many kinds of dishes in Musashi.
       I think the price of the menu in the restaurant is not expensive.
       And if you go to Hiroshima by Shinkansen bullet train, you can find it very easily. 
       The restaurant is in the Hiroshima station building. 
       If it is difficult to find it, you should ask people in the station. 
        I think they know where it is.
       If you want to try to ask it in Japanese, you say “Musashi  wa  doko-desuka ?
       It means “where is Musashi ? ”
“doko” means “where”. “desuka” is the polite word you say at the end of some questions.

   4   Interesting rapping of Musashi’s Omusubi
       If you buy “Goko iri Musubi” as to go, you find an interesting rapping.
       The back of the rapping is the map of Hiroshima City, and it shows some “Hiroshima dialect”. If you can read it, you can make friends with many Hiroshima citizens. 


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