Monday, April 25, 2016

Hiroshima City (Hiroshima sweets)

  Today I’d like to explain about “Sweets” in Hiroshima.
  I think you have ever heard “Momiji-manjuu” sweets. It is the most popular sweets in Hiroshima, and there are many people in the other prefectures who know “Momiji-manjuu”. When I go back to Hiroshima, I buy many Momiji-manjuu as souvenir for my friends and colleagues sometimes.

1      What is “Momiji-manjuu” ?

I think you have a question as follows. What do the words “Momiji” and ”manjuu” mean ? “Momiji” means maple. “manjuu” means Japanese style sweets stuffed with sweetened bean paste. (But actually there are many kinds of “manjuu” in Japan. So I can’t explain about all kinds of “manjuu” today. I’m sorry・・・. ) That’s why the shape of Momiji-manjuu is maple, and it is stuffed with some sweet ingredients.
The taste is amazing !! If you visit Hiroshima, please try it. In some Momiji-manjuu shops in Hiroshima, you can eat fresh baked Momiji-manjuu.

2      This is “Momiji-manjuu”.

Today I show you “Momiji-manjuu” as follows.


                                The shape of "Momiji-manjuu"


                                 This is chocolate Momiji-manjuu. Very good taste.


              This is custard Momiji-manjuu. My favorite Momiji-manjuu.

There are many kinds of Momiji-manjuu in Hiroshima aside from the above.
It costs about 1 Euro. (It depends on the rate.) I think it is not so expensive.
I recommend you to try it. And  Have a nice trip !!!

Thank you very much today.