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Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany How to go there.

      Today I’d like to explain about  How to go to “Neuschwanstein Castle” and  
     How to enjoy “Neuschwanstein Castle”.
      Last month I visited “Neuschwanstein Castle”. The castles in some Disney land are said to be on the model of “Neuschwanstein Castle”.
1     How to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle

          In my case, I stayed in the hotel in Füssen, the name of the hotel was “Luitpoldpark-hotel”. The hotel is near the Füssen station. You can take the bus bounding for the castle in front of the station. That’s why it was very convenient to go to the castle. 
          The buses you take are "73", "78","9606", "9651". These buses leave the Füssen station once per hour. So you should check the time. In the bus, you can buy the return ticket for the bus. One way ticket costs 2.10 Euro. It takes about 15minutes from the station to "Hohenschwangau"by bus. You get off the bus stop. The hotel staffs know how to go to the castle, you can ask them. You don’t need to be worried about it.


2     Ticket for the Neuschwanstein Castle

           If you want to go into the castle, you have to buy the ticket. 
           To buy the ticket, you can make an online reservation in advance, and print out the 
           reservation page after that, you take the paper to the ticket center on the day.
           I recommend you to make a reservation, if you want to go into the castle.
          The castle is very popular around the world, so sometimes crowded with lots of tourists.
           If you don’t make a reservation, you have to line up for the ticket long time. 
          According to my colleagues, it takes about 1,5 hours without reservation to buy ticket.
       ※If you make a reservation, the time for going into the castle is written on the paper. Please attention the time. After the time printed on the ticket, you can’t go into the castle.

                                 Ticket      ↓

                Confirm E-mail   ↓

3     Road to the castle

After you buy the ticket at the ticket center, you go to the castle. Then you have 3 ways to go to the castle.

① Walk
      You have to walk about 30 minutes to the castle. 
      The road is slope, so, if it is summer, you should have some drinks.

② Shuttle bus
      It is very convenient, comfortable.
      It costs 1.80 Euro (to the castle), 1 Euro (from  the castle) 
      The return ticket costs 2.6 Euro.

③ Two horses and carriage 
     It seemed to be very nice !! It worth trying it.
     It costs 6 Euro (to the castle), 3 Euro (from the castle)

As I said above, if you are not in time for going into the castle, you can’t go into the castle. Please pay attention to the time.

4     The scenery

The scenery were very amazing. You can enjoy the scenery on the way to the castle. Don’t miss it.

                      These are the pictures of the castle. ↓

                       Is this a real picture ?      ↓

          Actually this is a post card. You can buy it in souvenir shop.

              Thank you for reading today !! See you next time !!

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  1. Superb! The view of the castle is so gorgeous. Great entry! Keep it up!