Monday, May 9, 2016

Dresden Germany beautiful spots to visit 2016. You should go there!!

As you know, Dresden is very famous as one of the historical and traditional city in Germany. Actually there are many impressive buildings in Dresden. It is worth visiting especially around the old part of Dresden. The old part of Dresden is the area there are a lot of old architecture. I love that kinds of architecture. I’d like to talk about Dresden several times, because I have many things I want to say, so, I can’t explain about it only one time.

1    How to go to the old part of Dresden

If you go there from the Dresden airport, you get on the “S-bahn” at the Dresden airport. You can go to the central station of Dresden by this S-bahn. It takes about 25 minutes. It is not so far from the airport.
If you go there from Berlin, you get on “EC” train. It goes to the central station in Dresden also. It takes about 2 hours.
Of course you can have many way to go there other than that.
I know your time is limited during the trip. You should have the most convenient way for you. So it might be better to stay in hotel around the old part of Dresden (around “Neumarkt”). If so, you can visit many famous places in short time.

2  Pictures of Dresden

This is the “Frauen church”. (in German “Frauenkirche”) According to the history, it took 6118 days for the church to be constructed, but only one day, it was destroyed 13th Feb.1945 due to the war. But the church was constructed again 30th Oct.2005.↓

 This picture is "The Dresden Castle". It is very beautiful.↓

These pictures are "Zwinger" These pictures are inside of it. ↓

And the last one is the "Elbe river". The river is very close to these buildings above.

 If you want to go there after reading my blog, I would be very happy. And I'm sorry for not giving you japanese information recently. Now I am making the page concerning Japan. It would be helpful, if you understand.

Thank you for reading my blog today.