Monday, April 18, 2016

Japanese food and recipe (Yakisoba: fried Noodle)

  Today I’d like to show you some Japanese food and recipe.

  Although these are not so difficult to cook, they are very very delicious !!

  If you have time, I recommend you to try it !!


A  Yakisoba (Fried noodle)

1  What is “Yakisoba” ?

           “Yakisoba” is very famous Japanese food. It is noodle dish, but it has no soup. The orthodox ingredients of the food are cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, pork, onion, egg, and sauce. The price of the food is not expensive, and I think you can eat it everywhere in Japan. Especially in summer season, you can see “Yakisoba” boose on beach, at summer festival in Japan.

             One of the attractive points of the food is very easy to cook. Now I am not in Japan, but I can buy the ingredients, and cook it in my house.

2  Recipe

             It’s very simple. Before you cook, you at least prepare cabbage, carrot, onion, pork,egg, sauce and noodle.

            In some area in the world, it’s a little bit difficult to buy Japanese noodle for yakisoba. But I usually use pasta as a substitution for yakisoba noodle. I think it’s nice substitution !! As for yakisoba sauce, you can buy it in Asian food shop.

                If you find “okonomiyaki sauce”, it’s ok. The taste is resemble.

1      You cut the vegetables a little bit small.

2      You pour oil on the pan. If you have sesame oil, it’s better.

3      You put the vegetables and egg on the pan, and fry them.

4      You put the boiled pasta on the pan, and fry them.

5      You pour some sauce for yakisoba on the ingredients, and stir it.

6      And eat !!


                        I think you would love the taste. Let’s try it in your house.

3  Special recipe

      If you cook it a lot, and you can’t eat all of them, you can enjoy another dish.

It is “Yakisoba-pan”. This is the bread with yakisoba. You can imagine very easily how it is. That’s why I show the recipe by showing some pictures as follows.






                            The taste is amazing !

Thank you very much for reading it today !!

Next time I’d like to show you very delicious sweets in Hiroshima.

See you next time !!

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