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How to go to Hiroshima (Miyajima) 2016, Ticket price

1      Transportation to Hiroshima

    If you arrive Haneda airport in Tokyo, you go to Tokyo station. On the way you have to change train one time. So, it is convenient to get on the Tokyo monorail at Haneda airport and you get off the monorail at the Hamamatsu-cho station. It takes about 23 minutes to go to “Hamamatsu-cho station.”(about 4 Euro)
    At the Hamamatsu-cho station, you transfer to “Yamanote-line bound for Tokyo”. It costs only about 1.2 Euro. And only 3 stations.
    At the Tokyo station, you can have many ways to go to Hiroshima. I’d like to show you 2 ways today. They are Expressway bus and Shinkansen express train.
    If you choose Shinkansen express train, you can go to Hiroshima only 4 hours. But it costs about 150 Euro(18,000JPY) (one way). A little bit expensive.
    On the other hand, expressway bus is more reasonable than Shinkansen. It costs about between 40 Euro and 50 Euro. It depends on the season you visit. The bus stop is in Tokyo station “Yaesu Minamiguchi”. 八重洲南口(in Japanese). But it takes about 12 hours to go to Hiroshima by bus. Expressway bus leaves usually around 8:00 PM and arrives at the Hiroshima station around 9:00 AM on the next day. I heard the bus is very comfortable, and toilet is of course in the bus. As one of the advantages, you can spare one night’s hotel expense.
    At the Hiroshima station, you get on the “JR Sanyou-honsen line bound for Miyajima”. It takes about 25 minutes and costs about 3.5 Euro(410JPY). Many station staffs are in the Hiroshima station, so you can ask them easily. If you say in Japanese, “Miyajima ni ikitai desu.”(I want to go to Miyajima.) “Dono dennsha desuka?”(Which train should I get on ?)
    At the Miyajimaguchi station, you can find the ferryboat landing. At the ferryboat landing, you buy the ticket for the ferryboat. Return ticket costs about 3 Euro. The ferryboat goes to Miyajima every 15 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes.

2      Tips for the trip

    As you know, it is very humid, and hot in summer in Japan. Of course, Hiroshima also. So, if you go to Hiroshima in summer, you should take care yourself. Every year many people come down with heat illness. But you know, there are huge number of vending machines in Japan everywhere. So, you can buy cold drink anytime,anywhere.
    If you go there in summer, you can enjoy fireworks festival in Miyajima. You can have further detail on the HP of “Miyajima Tourist Association”. Anyway, the place will be crowded with huge number of people. If you go there by train, you should buy the train ticket for going back to your hotel in advance. After the festival, it takes much time to buy the ticket in the station.
If you go there in autumn, you can see the red mountain. As you know, the color of leaf changes from green to red in autumn. That’s why you can see the great landscape from the top of the mountain “Misen”. You can go up the mountain by “Miyajima ropeway”.
The fee of the ropeway(return ticket) is about 15 Euro(1,800JPY). Many monkeys are on the top of the mountain “Misen”.
    Most of the shops(including souvenir shop) close around 18:00 in Miyajima. And the last ferryboat goes around 20:00. Please pay attention to it.

3   Gourmet in Hiroshima

In my blog, I showed “Momiji-manju” last month. You can have many opportunities to eat fresh baked Momiji-manju in Miyajima. And you can eat “grilled oyster” in Miyajima. The taste is amazing. I think these prices are between 1.5 Euro and 2.5 Euro per piece.
And a very famous “Anago-meshi” restaurant is between the Miyajima station and the ferryboat landing. The name of the restaurant is “UENO”,“うえの(←in japaneseIt is very famous, so I think you might have to make a line for it. “Anago” means conger(kinds of eel). “Meshi” means rice. The price of the dish is around 10 ~ 15 Euro. However the taste is wonderful.

4    Shrine in Hiroshima

I think you have ever seen this gateway. This is the symbol of Miyajima. It is a gateway of Itsukushima Jinja shrine. It is called “torii”. It is very rare, because it is in the sea. In addition, the torii is very huge. 25 years ago, the big typhoon hit Hiroshima, then some parts of Itsukushima jinja were destroyed by the typhoon. But the torii didn’t fall down. If you visit Miyajima, please don’t forget to take pictures.

5  Accommodation

There are many Japanese style hotels in Miyajima. But if you have a plan to stay in hotel in Miyajima, you should make a reservation before you arrive in Hiroshima.        Actually many tourists visit Hiroshima every year.

6  Souvenir in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is very famous for “Shamoji” also. “Shamoji” is item for putting rice on ricebowl from ricecooker. It is kinds of large spoon. You can buy it in Miyajima as souvenir. Usually, nothing is written on shamoji, but some characters are written on some shamoji for souvenir like this.

 On the other hand, a huge interesting shamoji is displayed in Miyajima. I think it is one of the largest shamoji in the world. Of course, it is larger than I.

7  Animals

In Miyajima, you can see many deer. They are said to be God’s messenger in Miyajima. You can buy their food in some shop. If you buy it, they get together around you very soon.
And in some areas, you can see monkey. Maybe they are on the top of mounten Misen.
And the Miyajima aquarium is very famous. It is worth visiting.  

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