Friday, May 13, 2016

Dresden Bastei bridge Germany 2016

1   Bastei bridge (Dresden)

The brige is very famous in Dresden Germany. Actually many tourists visited the bridge. If you go Bastei bridge, I recommend you to rent a car or to join a tour. I went to Bastei bridge by car with GPS. If you go by car with GPS, you input “01847 Lohmen”. You can go near the place, but you can find many signs concerning Bastei bridge around there. In my case, I asked a man who lived near the place.
This is the Bastei bridge. The scenery is very nice.

                                    This is the movie on the Bastei bridge.

2  A field of rape blossoms near the Bastei bridge

On the way to the Bastei bridge, I could enjoy the field of rape blossoms. The scenery was fantastic. Especially in May they are very beautiful. this scenery, you can enjoy  not only Bastei bridge but also this kinds of scenery, I think.

 3  Tips for the trip
In summer season, it is very hot I think.   So, it's better to have some drink, because  you have to walk a little bit long until the Bastei bridge. But you can buy something on the way. You don't have to be worried about it.

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