Saturday, April 30, 2016

Japanese food recipe (Teriyaki 2)

   Today I’d like to tell you how to cook Teriyaki sauce, Teriyaki chicken rice..
   Last time I told you we can buy it in the Asian supermarket. But you can cook it easily in your house.

1      How to cook Teriyaki sauce

First of all, you have to prepare for these ingredients as follows.
    Soy sauce 100ml
    Three tablespoon of honey
    A teaspoon of sugar

You cook these ingredients about 3 minutes. That’s it !! Very simple.

2      How to cook Teriyaki chicken rice

a    You prepare for chicken meat and cut it and put the teriyaki sauce on the meat.

b     You fry these meat on frying pan with the sauce above.

c       You put these meat and “Japanese nori”and Teriyaki sauce on the rice.

And just eat it !!!

Today I am very happy, because you always read my blog.
If you give me some comments, I would appreciate it.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Japanese food recipe (Teriyaki)

  Today I’d like to show you some Japanese food and recipe.
  Although these are not so difficult to cook, they are very delicious !!
  If you have time, I recommend you to try it !!

A  Teriyaki-Salmon-rice (Fried salmon with teriyaki sauce on rice)
1    What is the food ?
First of all, the dish is not so difficult to cook. You can imagine it very easily after you read the title of the dish. You put grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce on rice.
That’s it !! But the taste of the dish is wonderful.
2    How to cook
Before you cook it, you have to prepare for some ingredients as follows.
Teriyaki sauce (You can buy this in supermarket.)
Toasted laver (“Japanese nori”)
Salmon fillet
Small cut green onion
Grated Japanese radish

a.    You cut Salmon fillet like this.

b.    You put Teriyaki sauce on the salmon fillet.

            c.     You cook the salmon in frying pan.

d.    You put the Teriyaki sauce and “nori”on rice.

e.     You put the fried salmon fillet, small cut green onion and grated japanese radish on the rice.              ↓

3  How to eat 
    Just eat it !!  The taste is very nice.  Please try it !!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hiroshima City (Hiroshima sweets)

  Today I’d like to explain about “Sweets” in Hiroshima.
  I think you have ever heard “Momiji-manjuu” sweets. It is the most popular sweets in Hiroshima, and there are many people in the other prefectures who know “Momiji-manjuu”. When I go back to Hiroshima, I buy many Momiji-manjuu as souvenir for my friends and colleagues sometimes.

1      What is “Momiji-manjuu” ?

I think you have a question as follows. What do the words “Momiji” and ”manjuu” mean ? “Momiji” means maple. “manjuu” means Japanese style sweets stuffed with sweetened bean paste. (But actually there are many kinds of “manjuu” in Japan. So I can’t explain about all kinds of “manjuu” today. I’m sorry・・・. ) That’s why the shape of Momiji-manjuu is maple, and it is stuffed with some sweet ingredients.
The taste is amazing !! If you visit Hiroshima, please try it. In some Momiji-manjuu shops in Hiroshima, you can eat fresh baked Momiji-manjuu.

2      This is “Momiji-manjuu”.

Today I show you “Momiji-manjuu” as follows.


                                The shape of "Momiji-manjuu"


                                 This is chocolate Momiji-manjuu. Very good taste.


              This is custard Momiji-manjuu. My favorite Momiji-manjuu.

There are many kinds of Momiji-manjuu in Hiroshima aside from the above.
It costs about 1 Euro. (It depends on the rate.) I think it is not so expensive.
I recommend you to try it. And  Have a nice trip !!!

Thank you very much today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to go to Japan, Kyoto

  Yesterday I talked about a great professional baseball player “Kenta Maeda”. His career as the professional baseball player started in Hiroshima Toyo Carp. But actually he was born in Osaka. As you know, Osaka, Kyoto are in the Kansai area. Recently some friends asked me how to go to Japan, especially Kyoto. Kyoto is a very beautiful city, and there are many temple and shrine. If you are interested in Japanese culture, I recommend you to visit Kyoto. That’s why I‘d like to show you how to go to Kyoto.

1      From Haneda Airport in Tokyo
If you want to visit not only Kyoto but also Tokyo, it’s better to arrive Haneda Airport from the Airport in your country. Haneda Airport is the very convenient and very beautiful, and there are many restaurants and souvenirs shops. So after arriving you can enjoy shopping. In addition, many airport staffs can speak English, but I’m not sure if the staffs in souvenir shop can speak English or not.

Anyway how to go to Kyoto from Tokyo is as follows.

    A  You get on Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsu-cho.
    B  At Hamamatsu-cho station you transfer to Yamanote line (Uchimawari).
        I think many people can understand the meaning of the word “Uchimawari”
        You don’t have to be worried about it. You can ask it.
        “Uchimawari wa doko desuka ? Where is Uchimawari ?
    C   From Hamamatsu-cho you go to the Tokyo station, and get on Shinkansen.
        But Shinkansen express fee is a little bit expensive. (from Tokyo to Kyoto about 13,000 Yen( about 100 )).
    D   It takes under 3 hours to go to Kyoto by Shinkansen. Shinkansen is very comfortable.

2      From Kansai Internatinal Airport in Osaka
This way is very easy to understand. You can find “Kansai kuko station” very easily at the Kansai Airport.
From the station you can get on “Haruka”express. The train is very comfortable and you can have some space for your suitcase. The train goes to the Kyoto station directly. That’s why it’s easy to go to Kyoto.

I hope you have a nice trip !!
    Next time I give you some useful information for your trip.

   See you !!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Japanese food and recipe (Yakisoba: fried Noodle)

  Today I’d like to show you some Japanese food and recipe.

  Although these are not so difficult to cook, they are very very delicious !!

  If you have time, I recommend you to try it !!


A  Yakisoba (Fried noodle)

1  What is “Yakisoba” ?

           “Yakisoba” is very famous Japanese food. It is noodle dish, but it has no soup. The orthodox ingredients of the food are cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, pork, onion, egg, and sauce. The price of the food is not expensive, and I think you can eat it everywhere in Japan. Especially in summer season, you can see “Yakisoba” boose on beach, at summer festival in Japan.

             One of the attractive points of the food is very easy to cook. Now I am not in Japan, but I can buy the ingredients, and cook it in my house.

2  Recipe

             It’s very simple. Before you cook, you at least prepare cabbage, carrot, onion, pork,egg, sauce and noodle.

            In some area in the world, it’s a little bit difficult to buy Japanese noodle for yakisoba. But I usually use pasta as a substitution for yakisoba noodle. I think it’s nice substitution !! As for yakisoba sauce, you can buy it in Asian food shop.

                If you find “okonomiyaki sauce”, it’s ok. The taste is resemble.

1      You cut the vegetables a little bit small.

2      You pour oil on the pan. If you have sesame oil, it’s better.

3      You put the vegetables and egg on the pan, and fry them.

4      You put the boiled pasta on the pan, and fry them.

5      You pour some sauce for yakisoba on the ingredients, and stir it.

6      And eat !!


                        I think you would love the taste. Let’s try it in your house.

3  Special recipe

      If you cook it a lot, and you can’t eat all of them, you can enjoy another dish.

It is “Yakisoba-pan”. This is the bread with yakisoba. You can imagine very easily how it is. That’s why I show the recipe by showing some pictures as follows.






                            The taste is amazing !

Thank you very much for reading it today !!

Next time I’d like to show you very delicious sweets in Hiroshima.

See you next time !!

Hiroshima City (Rice ball)

  Today I’d like to show some useful travel information about Hiroshima for you.
  I hope this information would be helpful for your trip !!!
  And I thank you for your visit my HP.

A.   Food(rice ball)
1  Information
Actually I have a lot of things I want to tell you about Hiroshima City and Hiroshima gourmets.
Today I’d like to show you a great delicious rice ball. I think you have a question, “ How is rice ball ? “ Rice ball is one of the most famous food in Japan. There are no Japanese people who don’t know rice ball. We call it “ Omusubi “ ,”Musubi” or “Onigiri ”. They are the Japanese words. Today I show you the greatest Omusubi I have ever eaten.

The name of the Omusubi restaurant is ‘” Musashi “  !!!!!
I love this restaurant. Every time I go back to my house from the other place, I eat this Omusubi.

The name of Musashi as a famous samurai is very popular among the Japanese people, but the name as Omusubi restaurant is not so popular among Japanese people other than Hiroshima citizens. Actually a lot of my acquaintances in the other prefectures don’t know the name of restaurant.
The greatest Omusubi restaurant is in Hiroshima City !!  If you visit Hiroshima City, you can eat the Omusubi !!

The greatest omusubi is this picture. The name of menu is “ Goko-iri-Musubi”.
It means a box lunch of 5 pieces of rice balls. The price is around 5 .(It depends on the rate.)     “Goko” means 5 pieces. “iri” means being inside.

                                 ※ The package of the "Musashi's Omusubi"
2  How to order in japanese
That’s why if you want to order one “Goko-iri-Musubi” in Japanese, you say

 “Goko-iri-Musubi  hitotsu  kudasai”.

“hitotsu” means one piece. “kudasai” means “I’d like to buy” or “give me (politely)”.
I think almost all of the staffs can understand this way of ordering.

                          ※ The contents of the package
  3  Other information
       There are many Musashi restaurants in Hiroshima City.
       That’s why you can have many opportunities to buy it.
       And you can select whether you eat them in the restaurant or to go. 
       If you choose to eat them in the restaurant, you can order the other menu. 
       Actually you can order many kinds of dishes in Musashi.
       I think the price of the menu in the restaurant is not expensive.
       And if you go to Hiroshima by Shinkansen bullet train, you can find it very easily. 
       The restaurant is in the Hiroshima station building. 
       If it is difficult to find it, you should ask people in the station. 
        I think they know where it is.
       If you want to try to ask it in Japanese, you say “Musashi  wa  doko-desuka ?
       It means “where is Musashi ? ”
“doko” means “where”. “desuka” is the polite word you say at the end of some questions.

   4   Interesting rapping of Musashi’s Omusubi
       If you buy “Goko iri Musubi” as to go, you find an interesting rapping.
       The back of the rapping is the map of Hiroshima City, and it shows some “Hiroshima dialect”. If you can read it, you can make friends with many Hiroshima citizens. 


              Thank you for reading my blog today !!!!
               I hope you have a nice trip !!!!

               "Dewa-matane." ←It means "See you next time". (very friendly expression)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hiroshima City (Okonomiyaki)

Welcome to Japan.    Yo-koso Nippon

First of all, in the future, I hope huge number of foreigners visit Japan, enjoy the culture and love the country. At the same time, I hope they contact with many Japanese people, and teach them the greatness of your country. Through doing it, I think many Japanese people would be interested in your country, as a result, global interaction would be promoted.

I hope many Japanese people and many foreigners would have many opportunities to make friends with each other in the future.

In my opinion, one of the greatest thing of our life is to have new experiences.

I’m a Japanese who lives in a foreign country. So far I have been there for a year, and visit many countries, and met a lot of friendly people. Actually it is the first time for me to live in the foreign country, and I was very worried about the new life, when I went to the foreign country, but many kinds of people in the country helped me to get many useful information to live. That’s why I ‘m very surprised and satisfied with that so far.
In addition to it, there are many people who are interested in the Japanese culture, like food, scenery, Anime, ancient architecture etc. So I’m very glad to know that.

So I would like to show many kinds of the Japanese cultures in my HP, and sightseeing spots and foods, and restaurants, and to show many kinds of recipe for Japanese dishes.
And I’d like to tell you some Japanese phrases, because I think there are still many Japanese people who can’t communicate with foreign people in foreign languages.
If these cultures attract the interest of you after reading this HP, I would be very very happy.

Hiroshima City (Part 1/April.2016)

A.  General information
Hiroshima City is one of the most famous city in Japan. First of all you may probably come up with the atomic bomb, when you hear the name of the city. Of course this is the one of the most important thing for human beings.
However, there are many sightseeing spots in Hiroshima. Even if you go to Hiroshima from Tokyo, it’s very easy. You have only to get on the Shinkansen bullet train at Tokyo station. It takes about 4 hours. But the trains are usually very crowded in middle August, and the end of December and the beginning of January.

B.  Food (Okonomiyaki)
 1  What is Okonomiyaki ?
Today I’d like to explain about Okonomiyaki.
In addition to the scenery, the food of Hiroshima like Okonomiyaki is very nice. I think you have a question ‘What is Okonomiyaki ? ’
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese food dish of a pan-fried batter cake and different ingredients including meat, seafood, and vegetables. Most okonomiyaki has cabbage in it.

The name of this dish means "cook what you like". The word ‘Okonomi’ means ‘favorite’, and the word ‘yaki’ means ‘fry’. Okonomiyaki is mainly associated with Kansai or Hiroshima, but is widely available throughout Japan.

Okonomiyaki is the one of the most popular food in Japan. In postwar Hiroshima, okonomiyaki was invented to save a few wheat flour and vegetables (for example, cabbage, bean sprout, green onion and so on.) because foods are shortage. It is called "okonomiyaki (fried liking foods)" because people made okonomiyaki to include their favorite foods in the past.

   2   How to cook (I think it is not difficult to cook in your house.)
1      You cook mixed water and wheat flour and shape like a thin circle.

2      You put cabbage, pork , other toppings and tempura bits and turn it over.

3      You put fried noodles on it.

4      You shape egg like a thin circle and put it below.

5      You turn it over and put sauce and green laver on it.

※I think you can buy sauce for okonomiyaki in some asian-food shop.(But in some cases, it depends on your place.)

    Okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima
However, there are many okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima, so, it’s very easy to find that. For example, in the Hiroshima Station building ‘ASSE’, you can find that very easily. I think japanese people will welcome to your visit !
In the center of Hiroshima City, there is an interesting building. That is ‘’ Okonomimura’’. It means okonomiyaki village. Many okonomiyaki restaurant are in the building. It is not far from the Hiroshima station. 
If you are interested in Okonomimura, please look at the HP. You can get the concrete information.
Other than that, I recommend the Okonomiyaki restaurant ‘Rei-chan’. The restaurant is my favorite one. If you visit Hiroshima, it’s worth visiting !! Very delicious.
Rei-chan is in Hiroshima Station building ‘ASSE’ 2F.

    4  How to order in japanese
If you can’t speak japanese, sometimes you may have difficulties with ordering in some okonomiyaki restaurants. Today I am glad to tell you how to order okonomiyaki in Japanese, just in case no staff can speak English in some restaurant.
‘’Niku-Tama-Soba  kudasai‘‘

This is the japanese phrase when you order normal style okonomiyaki.
Almost all of staffs can understand the phrase.
‘Niku’ means pork. ‘Tama’ means egg. ‘Soba’ means noodle.
‘kudasai’ means ‘give me’. But it is polite expression. You can use ‘kudasai’ in the other kinds of restaurants and shops. Very useful, and easy !!
In addition to these ingredients, vegetables (for example, cabbage, bean sprout, green onion and so on.) are added.

In some restaurants, you can add some seafood like shrimp, squid, oyster.
  Hiroshima is very famous for oyster farming.

As above I’d like to give you many kinds of interesting information in Japan, of course I often update my HP.

I’m looking forward that you come to Japan someday !!