Saturday, April 30, 2016

Japanese food recipe (Teriyaki 2)

   Today I’d like to tell you how to cook Teriyaki sauce, Teriyaki chicken rice..
   Last time I told you we can buy it in the Asian supermarket. But you can cook it easily in your house.

1      How to cook Teriyaki sauce

First of all, you have to prepare for these ingredients as follows.
    Soy sauce 100ml
    Three tablespoon of honey
    A teaspoon of sugar

You cook these ingredients about 3 minutes. That’s it !! Very simple.

2      How to cook Teriyaki chicken rice

a    You prepare for chicken meat and cut it and put the teriyaki sauce on the meat.

b     You fry these meat on frying pan with the sauce above.

c       You put these meat and “Japanese nori”and Teriyaki sauce on the rice.

And just eat it !!!

Today I am very happy, because you always read my blog.
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