Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sanssouci Palace in Potzdam Germany. Looks nice!!

Potsdam is one of the city in Brandenburg, and very famous and important in the history. But the city is famous as sightseeing spot in EU countries also. Especially in summer season, many people visit the place. I think one of their purposes of visiting Potsdam is to see the Sanssouci palace. It was constructed in 1745 by Frederick the great. The palace is very beautiful, and the park is very large. So I recommend you to have enough time to visit there. Of course, you can see the inside of the palace, if you buy the ticket.
New Palace

1      How to go to Sanssouci

If you go there from “Haupt Bahnhof Berlin”, it is very convenient to get on ”S7”. (“S” means S-Bahn) And you get off the train at Potsdam Haupt Bahnhof. After getting off the train, you get on bus”695” or “X15” bounding for “Schloss Sanssouci”. 
As for ticket, you buy "A-B-C ticket". You can transfer to bus with the ticket, if you transfer within 2 hours.
In case you go there by car, there are many parking lots.  It costs about 2 Euro per hour. (It depends on the place.)
You buy train ticket with this machine.
You select "A-B-C".

After buying ticket, you need to insert the ticket into this machine to stamp the date.

2      Ticket for the palace information 

If you don’t go into these buildings, you don’ t have to pay the fee. If you have plans to go into these buildings, you should check the closing date before you go there. I heard it is closed on Monday (But you can see the buildings from outside.) . Anyway it is better to check before you go there. The fee of entrance is 12 Euro (8 Euro for student.).  In some cases, you have to make a line.

3      Tips for the trip

Almost all of the supermarkets are closed in Germany on Sunday. So, it is better to buy drinks in the supermarket “Kaisers” in the Haupt Bahnhof Berlin before you get on S-Bahn train, if you want to spare your money. The supermarket in the Haupt Bahnhof Berlin opens on Sunday. Especially in summer, you should take some drinks, so you don’t have much opportunities to buy reasonable drinks around Sanssouci palace. That’s why it might be better to buy it before you go there, if you spare your money.

4      Restaurant 

Fortunately I found a restaurant around “The new palace”. The dishes tasted very good !!

You can have seat outside.

"Potato Soup with small bread" It tasted me good !! 6.5 EURO
5  The other Pictures

The garden of the palace is very large.

Around New palace, there are many marvelous buildings.

 Thank you for reading my blog today. I hope you have a nice trip.

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