Thursday, April 28, 2016

Japanese food recipe (Teriyaki)

  Today I’d like to show you some Japanese food and recipe.
  Although these are not so difficult to cook, they are very delicious !!
  If you have time, I recommend you to try it !!

A  Teriyaki-Salmon-rice (Fried salmon with teriyaki sauce on rice)
1    What is the food ?
First of all, the dish is not so difficult to cook. You can imagine it very easily after you read the title of the dish. You put grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce on rice.
That’s it !! But the taste of the dish is wonderful.
2    How to cook
Before you cook it, you have to prepare for some ingredients as follows.
Teriyaki sauce (You can buy this in supermarket.)
Toasted laver (“Japanese nori”)
Salmon fillet
Small cut green onion
Grated Japanese radish

a.    You cut Salmon fillet like this.

b.    You put Teriyaki sauce on the salmon fillet.

            c.     You cook the salmon in frying pan.

d.    You put the Teriyaki sauce and “nori”on rice.

e.     You put the fried salmon fillet, small cut green onion and grated japanese radish on the rice.              ↓

3  How to eat 
    Just eat it !!  The taste is very nice.  Please try it !!