Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kassel Germany beautiful place to visit 2016

Today I’d like to show you the pictures of the Wilhelmshöhe park in Kassel, Germany. There are many beautiful spots in the park, so I couldn’t put all of the pictures on my blog at last time. You can enjoy to see these scenery in Kassel, Germany. If you enjoy these information concerning Kassel Germany, I would be very happy. Of course you can see many beautiful scenery in Kassel Germany. Let's go to Kassel Germany !!

1   These are the pictures of famous spots in the park. 

The Wilhelmshöhe Castle in Kassel, Germany

 The Löwenburg Castle in Kassel, Germany

The park with morning glow

2   Restaurant near the park in Kassel Germany

 I found the restaurant near the hotel. The name of the restaurant is "GUTSHOF". The address is "Wilhelmshöher Allee 347a, 34131 Kassel " Tel 0561-32525. The service was very nice and the quality of the dishes were also good. But the price was a little bit expensive. Anyway, if you go to the park, I recommend you the restaurant. 
The inside of the restaurant was comfortable.

The Rumpsteak with sauce was very good. 22.40 EURO
This is tomato soup. 5.40 EURO  Taste very good !!

Other than above, you can choose many kinds of German dishes.

3  Spa information near the Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, Germany
There is a very nice spa near the park. On the last of my trip to Kassel, I went  to"Kurhessen  Therme" near the park. It was very comfortable. If you are interested in it, please take a look at the HP.

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