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Kassel Germany travel information and beautiful spots to visit 1

I’d like to write about Kassel Germany today. Kassel is one of the city of “the German fairy tale Route” in the middle of Germany. The city Kassel has a lot of cultures and history, and the city is very famous for “the Wilhelmshöhe park”. Especially “Kaskaden” is one of the famous spots in the park in Kassel Germany. On the top of Kaskaden, you can see the statue of Heracles. The scenery from the top of Kaskaden is wonderful, you can enjoy to see the great landscape. I want you to take a look at the scenery. In addition, you can enjoy to watch many historic buildings in the park. I want to write about the city several times.

The view from the top of "Kaskaden"
1  How to go to Kassel, Wilhelmshöhe

    If you go there from Frankfurt, “ICE ”  is convenient, I think. “ICE” is the express train in Germany. It takes about 1 hour 25 minutes from Frankfurt to the Kassel- Wilhelmshöhe station. As you make a reservation for ICE earlier, the fee of the train will be more reasonable. If you decide to go there by ICE, you should make reservation for it as soon as possible.
    If you rend a car in Frankfurt, it is very good idea, I think. Because you can visit many places like the other fairy tale Route city aside from Kassel around there. Actually time is one of the most important things for you. So, during the trip for the area, in some cases, car is more convenient than train.

2    Accommodations
Several hotels are along the Wilhelmshöher allee (street name). It is very convenient to go to the Wilhelmshöhe park from the street. In my case, I stayed in the “Schloss hotel ” near the park. It costed about 150 Euro (2 adults, 2 kids). We could walk in the park early in the morning easily before the breakfast.  The walk early in the morning was very comfortable.
 “Schloss hotel ” was very nice. The room was comfortable, clean and the service was also good. And the breakfast was so delicious.

3    The Wilhelmshöhe park in Kassel Germany
Near the hotel we stayed, there is a very big park. It is the Wilhelmshöhe park. I was very impressed with the great view and fresh air and atmosphere. The nature of the park is organized very much, so, it’s beautiful. If you go around all of the park, it takes at least several hours. Especially when you go to the top of the “Kaskaden”, you should have enough time. (Next time I show you the other pictures.)

The Wilhelmshöhe castle in Kassel

The Wilhelmshöhe castle in Kassel

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