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Rhine River Cruises (Loreley) ship information and Cologne Germany

Today I'd like to show you information about Cologne City and the Rhine River Cruises in Germany. I hope the information would be useful for you someday. Through my blog, you could have some useful information about Cologne and Rhine River Cruises, I hope.
As you know, Cologne is one of the most famous city Germany. There are many sightseeing spots in Cologne, Germany. Of course, I can't give you all of information about Cologne and Rhine River Cruises information only one time. Today I show you some pictures(Cologne Cathedral and Rhine River Cruises). If you have fun, I would be very happy.

1      Cologne City in Germany

Cologne is very famous for the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral is very easy to go from the Cologne station.

Many tourists visit the Cologne Cathedral.

I think many people were impressed with the Cologne Cathedral.

The Cologne Cathedral is one of the world heritages in the world. If you visit Germany, I recommend you to watch the Cologne Cathedral. It is worth visiting. And it is adjacent to the Cologne station, that’s why you can find it very easily. On the day, I stayed in the hotel near the station. When I was in Cologne, it was summer. That’s why I recommend you to stay in hotel with air conditioner, if you go there in summer. There are some hotels without air conditioner in the area. So you should check it, when you book hotel in summer. In my case, it was very hot, and no air conditioner, so, I opened the window at night. But it was very noisy outside. I remembered I couldn't sleep well on the day. 

2      Rhine River Cruise

After the visit of Cologne Cathedral, I went to the Rhine river cruise on the next day. During the Rhine River Cruise, you can enjoy the amazing scenery along the river.Of course you can see the very famous rock, "Loreley".

A  How to go there
        In my case, I got on the train bounding  for “Koblenz” at the Cologne station. And I changed the train at the Koblenz station. And I got on the train bounding for “St.Goarshausen” at the Koblenz station. The port for the Rhine River Cruise is near the St.Goarshausen station. You can arrive there in a few minutes. 

      This is my case ↓ ※To make sure, I recommend you to check the exact time.

      “The Cologne station”       ”The Koblenz”        “The St.Goarshausen”
                                 train 50 min                 (train 50 min)

   B  How to get on ship
         I recommend you to book the cruise on the internet before you go there. In my case, I reserved the cruise before I go there. Because it was summer season, many people took vacation. I booked “KD Rhine” on the internet. It was very nice !
       I got on the ship at the St.Goarshausen port. The ship was very comfortable. The fee of the ship was about 44 Euros.(Between St.Goarshausen and Bingen) It depends on the distance.

         This is the scenery of the St.Goarshausen port.  ↓

   C  The scenery from the ship
        It was marvelous !! Especially when I saw the “Loreley” , I was very impressed.
         You can see “Loreley” just after the St. Goarshausen on your left hand. Don’t miss it. In addition to it, you can see many old castle along the river.


                                 These pictures are "Loreley". You can't miss it.

   D  The other information
          It took about 3 hours to go to Bingen from St.Goarshausen. After getting off the ship, I got on the train at the station near the port. 

                              Today I thank you for reading my blog.

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